Turning Point, Search Engines

Although missing the presentation for these two topics, I have heard from others how great they were! My research into these is brief and I have only just scratched at the surface I’m sure. From what I have seen on the net and on the wiki pages these innovations seem to have a significant place in the classroom. The idea of having clickers to gauge immediate responses from students seems un-comprehensible and would like to see this in action.

I have never really thought about any other search engines apart from Google since it become ‘my search engine’. On reflection back to my first experience of the net and using Altavista back in the day seems crazy to think how powerful and ‘good’ I thought it was. After exploring Zoey Bot I feel confident that this would be an appropriate tool for students to use with research in the classroom. The information is accurate and clearly presented and formatted in a way that is clear to read and comprehend. I am glad to have learnt of this innovation.